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Eindhoven and the Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week is an annual event that takes place in Eindhoven towards the end of October. With more than 100 venues throughout the city, the organization facilitates expositions, debates, and networking events and brings more than 2500 designers together. Combining the industrial character of Eindhoven with the strong presence of both the Design Academy and the University of Technology in the city, the event emphasizes innovation and experimentation.

Design Perron and Translators International

For the third consecutive year, our premises, which we share with several companies,  have been the host of the Design Perron for the Dutch Design Week.

The activities here at Fuutlaan 12 are only a small part of over a hundred exhibitions throughout the city, making art available to everyone. With exhibits ranging from abstract art that tickles the senses to everyday objects with a unique design, this event offers something for everyone.

Our boiler room has been transformed into an inspirational room that creates the illusion of being underwater by means of light effects. Additionally, three students of the University of the Arts Utrecht (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht) are exhibiting their graduation projects in the hallway!  Outside, parking spaces are filled with shipping containers that have been converted into bike rentals so visitors have a quick and environmentally friendly way to hop through venues.

The Dutch Design Week gives young, talented designers an opportunity to show the world their work, create a name for themselves and maybe even grow into a world-famous artist. Every 30 minutes a hop-on hop-off bus drops a new group of enthusiastic visitors on our doorstep.

These hordes of people are of great value, not only for the artists, but also for the city of Eindhoven. And even though it’s business as usual for us at Translators International, we are enjoying the hectic buzz and looking forward to the next creative event our city has to offer: GLOW.


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