Building a localization team in a startup

Building a localization team in a large global company is difficult enough. But when you’re doing it in an international start-up like Slack or SurveyMonkey, you’ll need to plan to scale your program and team.

Localizing in startup culture requires more than just deep knowledge of localization. It requires a level of awareness about the company’s landscape, a willingness to evangelize, and the ability to make your team useful to all parts of the company.

As more and more businesses start up or adopt start-up culture, it’s important that localization professionals know how to build and advocate for their teams. We’ve put together an eBook for localization teams within start-ups to help them navigate this world. The book offers concrete strategies for evangelizing your team’s importance and shares insights of localization experts at Slack, SurveyMonkey, and Eventbrite.

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