Customer testimonials

At Translators International, we value long term relationships with our clients over short term profits.

Helping our customers keep costs in line plays an important role in our focus; we aim to deliver significant savings in both cost and time through the innovative use of translation and publishing productivity tools and workflow technologies.

What may be even more important is TI’s mission to provide products and services at a very high standard of excellence, year after year. Translators International is a reliable, financially stable, committed partner, and whatever the project, our clients know they can count on us for superlative results.

Logo Siemens

“As an international headquarters working in several languages, we need to provide our key documents in several languages to the regions. Our partnership with Translators International has proven very valuable to help us meet this requirement. TI has impressed us by picking up the technical jargon of our industry and our company’s specific expressions, so as to consistently deliver texts that correspond to the way we write, leaving us with only very minor corrections to make. Our efforts are further kept to a minimum as TI peforms the translations directly in the files we send them, be it simple PowerPoint or more complex documents layouted in InDesign. Easy to deal with and reliable, TI has always met the agreed deadlines, sometimes even delivering earlier, thus becoming our preferred partner for translations.”

Yannick Bietenholz,Senior Marketing Manager,
Siemens Infrastructure and Cities, Building Technologies Division, International Headquarters

“Eluxis has enjoyed working with TI for many years now.
TI is a translation agency, but they don’t focus only on translations. Their client-tailored documentation systems and continuously improved customized translation processes keep customer costs and effort to a minimum. Their way of working is a perfect fit with our services.
And (not insignificant!) their people are very nice.
In short, TI is a good “partner in crime”; together we can serve our clients optimally!”

Jelte Meijer,Project Leader/Consultant,
Eluxis helps organizations deploy knowledge for successful business
Logo Honeywell

“Novar GmbH, part of the Honeywell Group since April 2005, is a leading producer of high-value system solutions for electronic building security. Our product portfolio includes intrusion detection, access control, time recording, emergency escape and video ­systems.As a company with international business, we need to publish product literature and advertisement in English and sometimes in other languages as well.We can report only positive experiences from our many years of collaboration with Translators International. Our translations are provided in excellent quality and always delivered on time. Communication before, during and after projects is exemplary and contributes significantly to the efficient handling of matters.We benefit particularly from TI’s excellent expertise in working with data in various formats. Thus even data not suited for automated exchange with translation memory systems are able to be transformed into exportable formats using tools developed at TI – a service which helps us a lot. Last but not least, because of very good incorporation and use of our terminology, Translators International has become one of our preferred service providers for translations.”

Michael Fischer,Head of Technical Documentation,
Novar GmbH, Honeywell Security Group

“Europe diversity requires our documents to be translated in several languages. Translators International has proven to be a key partner in delivering our translations in a timely manner. TI has always responded very quickly and efficiently to every translation, even delivering the documents earlier, allowing us to send the information in real time to key partners. As a result TI has become our preferred supplier.”

Isabelle Baker,Regional Marketing Specialist EMEA,
Xtralis, Pioneer in Life Safety and Security
Logo Xtralis
Logo FLIR Systems thermal imaging infrared cameras

“For about 4 years now, Translators International has been supporting the EMEA organization of FLIR Systems with translating and localizing marketing content for our various market segments. FLIR Systems values long-term relationships with its suppliers for consistency and efficiency in the marketing of a wide variety of products in a large number of countries. We appreciate the constant effort of Translators International to improve the complex workflow of translating, reviewing and localizing to bring down costs and decrease lead times.”

Ruud Heijsman,Regional Marketing Manager EMEA,
Flir Systems

“We have worked with Translators International, and have been happy about the approach from their side. Working with deep technical articles, we often see that impressions, flow of sentences are an essential but difficult part to keep, when doing translation. Translators International, and especially Joke Wijn, have made outmost efforts to adjust to customer needs, preferences, and building up a style guide book, that helps to ensure that our needs are being essential part of the translation being made, no matter if it is the same person doing the translation. To Hikvision, this has been the main factor for choosing Translators International as our partner.”

Michael Hygild Toxverd,Team Manager Nordic,
TopVintage's logo

“As TopVintage has steadily grown to become Europe’s leading online retro boutique, we decided in 2016 to reach out to our French speaking customers by offering our website not only in Dutch, English and German, but in French as well. While we were in the process of establishing an in house French translation team (like we already had in place for German and English), Translators International has helped us out tremendously by already translating our background content and the existing product offer into French, thus allowing us to launch our French language website in February 2017. And we know we can call on Translators International again!”

Floor Adriaansz,TopVintageTopVintage