Entries by Floor van Dijck

The language of love

The language of love – it’s the one language that can’t be translated… With Valentine’s Day around the corner, some of us may already be secretly planning spectacular date nights or getting gifts for that special someone. Here in The Netherlands, we usually surprise our partners or crushes with flowers, cards, romantic candle-lit dinners, or […]

A Christmas barbecue

It’s finally here: December, the most magical month of the year. In the Netherlands we start off the festivities with the feast of Sinterklaas (a figure based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children). After all the gifts have been unpacked and our bellies have been filled with chocolate letters and Dutch pepernoten (tiny biscuits), […]


English is English, right?

It is something that most – if not all – of us non-native English speakers have struggled with at some point in our lives: the differences between British and American English. Whether we are trying to use the right words ordering our food during our holiday abroad in the US or UK, or typing an […]