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Building a Localization Team in a Startup (eBook Preview)

Building a localization team in a large global company is difficult enough. But when you’re doing it in an international start-up like Slack or SurveyMonkey, you’ll need to plan to scale your program and team. Localizing in startup culture requires more than just deep knowledge of localization. It requires a level of awareness about the […]

Optimizing Your Web Content for Translation

If you’re writing content that you know might be translated somewhere down the line, it’s important to craft content that will easily translate across cultural contexts. Translation will only produce the same words in a different language; it won’t capture intangible things like puns, culture-specific references, or geographic issues. (That’s where transcreation and creative adaptation […]

Using API Integration for Translation Projects

Big web-based projects often require a whole suite of software applications to complete. Many software developers have developed APIs, or application program interfaces, to allow two systems of software to talk to each other. They’re invisible to users, operating in the back-end so a user’s experience is smooth. Think of an API as a private […]