Building a localization team in a startup

Building a localization team in a large global company is difficult enough. But when you’re doing it in an international start-up like Slack or SurveyMonkey, you’ll need to plan to scale your program and team.

Localizing in startup culture requires more than just deep knowledge of localization. It requires a level of awareness about the company’s landscape, a willingness to evangelize, and the ability to make your team useful to all parts of the company.

As more and more businesses start up or adopt start-up culture, it’s important that localization professionals know how to build and advocate for their teams. We’ve put together an eBook for localization teams within start-ups to help them navigate this world. The book offers concrete strategies for evangelizing your team’s importance and shares insights of localization experts at Slack, SurveyMonkey, and Eventbrite.

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Optimizing web content for translation

If you’re writing content that you know might be translated somewhere down the line, it’s important to craft content that will easily translate across cultural contexts.

Translation will only produce the same words in a different language; it won’t capture intangible things like puns, culture-specific references, or geographic issues. (That’s where transcreation and creative adaptation come in handy.) So no matter how hard you worked on that polar vortex joke or Marie Kondo reference, someone reading your work in translation might miss the point.

When you create content for translation, you can take steps to optimize the process. We’ve collected some of our best tips below, so you can create web content that translates flawlessly.

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Using API Integration for Translation - Header Image

Big web-based projects often require a whole suite of software applications to complete. Many software developers have developed APIs, or application program interfaces, to allow two systems of software to talk to each other. They’re invisible to users, operating in the back-end so a user’s experience is smooth. Think of an API as a private line that software can use to solve problems. And APIs are infinitely scalable, evolving as software does.

API integration is one way to ensure that you create a networked, agile suite of software that saves you having to repeat tasks or commands.

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Happy holidays! This year the Translators International family has grown as we joined Venga Global and we are happy to share this post with traditional foods from our team’s home countries!

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Security translation needs subject matter expertise

We work with many companies across the security industry. Nearly every one we’ve talked to has one thing in common: they have been burned before by security translation done poorly. Why is this?

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