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It is something that most – if not all – of us non-native English speakers have struggled with at some point in our lives: the differences between British and American English. Whether we are trying to use the right words ordering our food during our holiday abroad in the US or UK, or typing an email and trying to remember if we’re supposed to write “centre” or “center”, “analyse” or “analyze”, “colour” or “color”.

While these differences may seem obvious for native speakers, for us non-natives, they are sometimes downright confusing. Luckily for us, there are plenty of websites out there explaining the differences in spelling. However, the differences between both languages are not limited to spelling – if only it were that easy. Read more

Dutch Design Week DDW Design Perron Translators International

Eindhoven and the Dutch Design Week

The Dutch Design Week is an annual event that takes place in Eindhoven towards the end of October. With more than 100 venues throughout the city, the organization facilitates expositions, debates, and networking events and brings more than 2500 designers together. Combining the industrial character of Eindhoven with the strong presence of both the Design Academy and the University of Technology in the city, the event emphasizes innovation and experimentation.

Design Perron and Translators International

For the third consecutive year, our premises, which we share with several companies,  have been the host of the Design Perron for the Dutch Design Week. Read more

ISO 17100 Certification Translators International

Our loyal customers, followers of our blog and website know that Translators International is certified according to the ISO 17100 quality standard.

The first Monday of July, just like every year, we were audited for the compliance to this standard.

We are happy to announce Translators International has once again passed with flying colors!

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Internship Project Manager

My name is Matthijs van Hugten and from February to April 2017 I did an Internship at Translators International. I study Translation and Interpreting at Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht (The Netherlands). During this four-year study students do three internships: an internship abroad in the third year and two internships in the fourth year. The last two internships are realised at a translation agency in the Netherlands and at Zuyd Vertalingen, a simulate translation agency of Hogeschool Zuyd. Read more


The Globalization & Localization Association, GALA, is holding their annual conference from 26th  to 29th March in Amsterdam this year.

This edition will focus on the fundamental principles, strategies, and technologies -the “new basics”- that make for successful, sustainable organizations in today’s global language industry.

Being only 1.5 hours away by train from our location in Eindhoven, Translators International can’t miss it! I will be attending this year, and let me tell you, I can’t wait.

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