Customer Portal

Our customers have at their disposal the possibility to manage their translation projects with nothing more than a browser and a login. A way to make your life easier, and without additional costs.

The integrated portal for translation requests allows you to send in requests for quotes, issue orders, track projects and safely upload and download project files. Your project manager will be notified automatically about new requests both via e-mail and within the dashboard, allowing you to get new translation projects under way as fast as possible!


  • Overview and status on your requests
  • Overview of quotations and possibility to accept and /or reject them with the click of a mouse
  • Overview of your running projects statuses in real time
  • Make reports on financials, statistics, volumes and deliveries

You’ll be able to have better insight of your expenses and a quick and easy access on your order statuses and delivery dates.

  • Placing Requests

    Place requests via the Portal and upload files. Available 24/7, no matter the time zone.

  • File management

    Securely and easily upload your files for translation and retrieve the translated material from one location, making third party transfer programs reduntant.

  • Dashboard

    Great overview of all key translation project information in one place – ranging from translation requests, quotes and orders, to tasks, deadlines and invoices!

  • Quote status

    Accept and Reject quotations online with the click of a button.

  • Order Status

    Be always up to date when it comes to the status of your orders and the delivery dates.

  • Feedback

    Are you happy with the service we delivered? Or on the contrary, is there something we can improve? You can now give us feedback of a specific order directly! Just go to your order and tell us about it.