Marikenloop 2016

The Project Managers at TI do not fear a challenge. Whether it is a 200 page manual in FrameMaker that requires translation and desktop publishing in multiple languages, XML files that need a custom made approach for translation or a scanned PDF that needs to be translated and delivered back to the customer within 24 hours; our multi-talented PM’s can handle it.

Even outside their professional environment Sonia, Joke and Stéphanie decided to take on yet another challenge, this time of a sporty nature. Last Sunday they participated in the biggest Ladies Run in the Netherlands: the Marikenloop in the beautiful city of Nijmegen. It was warm, it was crowded but all three had a great run and managed to improve their personal records. A job well done!

Now it is on to the next challenge, may it be in running or in translation. Bring it on!

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