Translators International. Hans Michel's Farewell Party

A new year, a new beginning

The start of 2016 is an ideal moment to look back on the past year, take stock of what we have done, and plan what we will be doing in the months to come. With the New Year’s fireworks still resonating in my ears (normally I´m rendered deaf until at least February), I thought that this would be the perfect moment to launch our blog.

I hope that you will find it a nice place to read interesting articles about the translation industry – about languages and cultures, and how both aspects can affect your business and even your daily life.

2015 was a year of change

Speeding up your review process

One of the developments we are most proud of here at TI is the launch of our collaborative Online Review Process for Adobe InDesign documents. Our pilot customers were immediately enthusiastic about its ability to speed up and simplify their internal review and validation process.

“Our growing product portfolio at FLIR Systems means that we are increasingly developing more localized marketing materials. When we started to work with Translators International they were only responsible for translation, and we coordinated and reviewed translated materials internally. This meant sending files back and forth between reviewers, FLIR personnel and translators, all while trying to keep track of changes and project status. This became really time-consuming, so we reached out to Translators International to see if they could help find a solution that would make our lives easier. Their Online Review Portal means that this process is totally taken away from FLIR. Now, we leave all reviewing to them. We just submit a project, and after approval the only thing we have to do is wait for the finalized project. This enables us to focus on other important projects.”

Ruud Heijsman, [Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA and FLIR Systems]

 We are committed to making our customers’ lives easier in 2016 too!

New Faces

Launching a new service also meant that we got busy. So busy, in fact, that we looked for a new colleague to help us out. Gemma van den Boom joined forces with us in the Project Management department in May 2015. She brings a wealth of experience in the localization industry, making it possible for us to keep offering our customers the quality and service they deserve.


And while some colleagues come…other colleagues go. After 30 years as a translator at TI, it was time for Hans Michels to retire. Hans was the first employee TI’s founder Jan Gosen ever hired back in the 80’s. An excellent Dutch translator with an incredible eye for detail and superb language skills, he could find his way through the most obscure technical terminology.

His farewell party or “borrel”, as we say in Dutch, was memorable – current staff were joined by former co-workers who didn’t want to miss out on the event. It was a wonderful reunion that marked the end of an era. It wasn’t really goodbye though…because we are located in the city centre, Hans still visits us on a weekly basis when he goes into town!

We’ve moved!

Do you know what else we did last summer? We moved offices. While we were happy with our central location, our former offices had always been a temporary location, and this summer we finally moved to our definitive premises. We are now located in a beautiful, old and historic building, shared with several other creative and inspiring businesses and with plenty of space to grow. And the icing on the cake? It’s even closer to Central Station than before and a stone’s throw from the town centre…something our employees really appreciate.

So…that was our year in a nutshell. How was yours?

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