We go the extra mile to make life easier for our customers. Our Online Review portal is particularly valued by marketing managers, because it provides a single source for access and review. This online collaboration approach means that your team members can work on files wherever and whenever they want, and your proof-readers can review marketing translations online in their original InDesign layout.

Improved insight and control

Stop using email to painstakingly send dozens of PDF, text, and XML files back and forth for approval. Instead, use our Online Review Portal – your local stakeholders will be able to quickly review, edit and annotate your translated InDesign pages with ease and transparency .The portal’s WYSIWYG features allow users to review multi-language marketing collateral online in their favourite web browser, eliminating labour-intensive tasks such as marketing team file handling and local sales team annotation in Acrobat. Users will be able to work as if they are using the InDesign file itself – even if they have no previous knowledge of the program – all while achieving improved insight and control during the creation and translation of your material.

Local proof-readers – typically marketing or sales managers – will really appreciate how the true WYSIWYG environment provides intuitive editing without having to deal with formatting issues. Imagine the text quality improvements you can achieve as your changes and preferred terminology choices are automatically implemented in the central translation memory, storing them for future translations. You’ll work faster and spend less effort during review, saving precious time to focus on core business.


  • Reduce manual file handling to zero
  • Speed up the local validation process
  • Allow online collaboration with several parties in different languages
  • Work in a WYSIWYG style in an InDesign layout
  • No InDesign knowledge required
  • No local InDesign installations required
  • Access the program via any web browser
  • Create a full change history log during the review cycle
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously with ease
  • Decrease the time for review and validation
  • Ensure more time to focus on your core business