Internship Project Manager

My name is Matthijs van Hugten and from February to April 2017 I did an Internship at Translators International. I study Translation and Interpreting at Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht (The Netherlands). During this four-year study students do three internships: an internship abroad in the third year and two internships in the fourth year. The last two internships are realised at a translation agency in the Netherlands and at Zuyd Vertalingen, a simulate translation agency of Hogeschool Zuyd. Read more

✓ Do you love helping customers out?

✓ Do you have a great attention for detail?

✓ Are you computer-savvy and have a talent for localization engineering?

✓ Can you work under stress in a deadline-driven environment?

✓ Do you enjoy working in a nice team of PMs and translators?

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