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My name is Matthijs van Hugten and from February to April 2017 I did an Internship at Translators International. I study Translation and Interpreting at Hogeschool Zuyd in Maastricht (The Netherlands). During this four-year study students do three internships: an internship abroad in the third year and two internships in the fourth year. The last two internships are realised at a translation agency in the Netherlands and at Zuyd Vertalingen, a simulated translation agency of Hogeschool Zuyd.

During the study we mainly focus on translation and, depending on the specialization you choose, also on interpreting, subtitling or localization. Project management is briefly discussed too, but is not one of the core subjects of the study. For this reason I wanted to seize the opportunity to do a project management internship and get to know more about it. An internship at Translators International turned out to be a perfect way to get to know everything about project management.

After applying for the internship at TI I started on Monday 13 February 2017. I was immediately welcomed by a great team of project managers, who were all very excited to teach me the tricks of the trade. In the first days I studied some of the procedures and I did an introduction course on MemoQ, the CAT tool that is used by TI. I also got to sit with the other project managers to see what they were working on and to get an idea of the daily course of events.

I was immediately welcomed by a great team of project managers, who were all very excited to teach me the tricks of the trade.

The project managers were very open to teach me how everything works and I got to assist them with their tasks. Luckily they gave me the opportunity to do a lot on my own, so I learned tremendously in a short period. I now have a clear idea of what a project manager does. I learned how to work with CAT tools, set up term bases, make quotations and I even got to do some DTP work. Unfortunately, after two months my internship came to an end. I would have liked to stay longer and use the things I’ve learned in practice more. Now I am going to do another internship of two months at Zuyd Vertalingen. I am sure that I can use the things I have learned at TI during this internship and later on in my career.

I would like to thank everyone at TI for this opportunity. I’m happy I was welcomed in a team of project managers who can be serious but can also have some fun from time to time. Thanks to them my internship was a very interesting and valuable experience!

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Matthijs van Hugten is a fourth year student at the Maastricht School of Translation and Interpreting
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